The Phyrolex products are unique technology in fire protection and retardancy.

The Phyrolex product range is the result of extensive research, development & design and offers excellent intumescent fire protection for a wide range of substrates. Additonally, the Phyrolex products excel in areas using composites. The range of industry sectors is vast and includes,

For the above sectors the Phyrolex products can meet both protection from fire and reaction to fire requirements.

The Phyrolex products can be formulated to meet diverse applications as well as new application projects with challenging conditions, delivering to your performance criteria.

With the added benefit of low smoke, the Phyrolex products are very effective in flame retarding the following

  • Composites
  • Coatings
  • Elastomers
  • Foams

Additionally, Phyrolex can be supported by extensive fire test facilities to indicate that your products conform to appropriate fire standards. The Phyrolex product range is backed by extensive customer technical service.

Let’s get down and low:- smoke, flame, heat, cost & loading